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The Black Avengers and the Grey Eminence

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4.4.2004 New video: Brotherly love

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MMF on another bedThe half-Cornish Rex brothers Mini and Maxi (a.k.a. the Black Avengers) and Frank (a.k.a. the Grey Eminence) are three cats who live in Espoo, Finland.

The three amigos were united in June 2001 when Frank moved in. Two months later he slowly started to forgive that. Meanwhile, Mini and Maxi did not quite mind. Today the three cats get along quite nicely.

Mini, Maxi and Frank greet you with their "ius, meows and mow-ow-ows" and hope you enjoy your visit on their web site.


In the photo on the right: Maxi (yawning), Frank, and Mini.