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Week 23: 2.6. - 8.6.

This week the people here realised that cats can transform themselves into other cats. It's a bit kafkaesque... (Weirdo alert! Weirdo alert!)

See, in the evening when the people go to bed there's Frank. He jumps to the bed and lays down next to the chosen one's feet and looks like he's going nowhere. In the morning when the people wake up there's Mini - or sometimes there are both Mini and Maxi. Where's Frank? He's sleeping near by and looks like he never was there or, if he feels lovey-dovey, he may jump on the bed and wake you up by staring at you.

We think that Frank knows that in the dark all cats are grey so it doesn't matter who you are (except that Frank's actually blue, there's no such thing as a grey cat) and during the night he transforms into Mini and, of course, now it's summer so the mornings are bright and shiny (when it's not raining...) so a cat has to choose a colour unless he's lazy and decides to be grey anyway.

Week 24: 9.6. - 15.6.

This week Mini wanted to get wet. He's got this strange desire to be watered: as the people water the flowers on the balcony, Mini wants some of that, too. He meows with his high pitch voice, tries to catch the can and looks at the people watering the flowers until they finally understand that a cat needs some refreshment, too.

After that it's fun to jump onto the sofa and shake the water away from your fur. What else could a cat do?

Week 25: 16.6. - 22.6.

This week Mini preferred dryness. He invented a new game: he likes to join the people as they take a shower in the morning. He sits in a dry place and waits until it's tme to dry the floor. Then Mini comes and lays down so he's on the people's way or, what's even better, he tries to catch the squegee people dry the floor with. So, there would most likely be a cat-shaped wet spot on the floor, but who cares...

It takes a while to dry the floor.

Week 26: 23.6. - 29.6.

This week it was midsummer. We do not care that much about midsummer. It's the time when a lot of people come over and they have a barbeque and some of them scratch us behind the ears and they eat a lot, except that the food is not good enough for us. Who would like to eat a sausage when you could have some ham and tuna and give it to the us as well?

Week 27: 30.6. - 6.7.

This week the bigger person who feeds us started a thing called "a holiday" and went away. That was cool because then we were able to sleep on his side of the bed! He was away for almost the whole week and when he came back he talked about Junior and another cat who used to come and bully Junior.

We didn't mind him being unfaithful to us and seeing other cats (he did come back to us to feed us and to scratch us so we don't care, we're not that jealous), but we would have liked to keep on sleeping on his side of the bed.

Week 28: 7.7. - 13.7.

This week both the people had something called "a holiday" or "a vacation". It meant that we got a visitor (we love the spare bed that is brought to the living room then!) and that the people were away all day anyway and that when they came back they brought the best cat toy ever: the thing they called a laser pointer!

Wow, we could chase the little red spot forever. Even Frank did try it, and Mini and Maxi ran like crazy. Mini even started meowing when he heard the sound of the key ring that was attached to the laser pointer hit the laser pointer. You did not even need the light to make a cat go nuts... or bananas. Or whatever, the laser pointer is the best thing ever made! We want more!

Week 29: 14.7. - 20.7.

This week was hot. The sauna appeared to be the coolest place so Maxi was often found there. Frank decided to sleep in the closet and Mini preferred the balcony or the sofa. The nights were a bit cooler so that's when we started making all kinds of noises, dropping things off the shelves, running around, fighting...

Week 30: 21.7. - 27.7.

This week it was hot so we just decided to do nothing. We didn't even care much about the bee that happened to fly in (we tried) or the second bee that flew in or... We didn't care about the light spots on the floor either, we just wanted to sleep in a cooler place.

It's tough when you have to wear a fur coat all the time. The balcony is sometimes OK, sometimes the sauna is fine, sometimes we prefer the closet but still, there's no cool place. However, revenge is sweet and in the morning you can Mini and Maxi sleeping next to the smaller person (there's more room on her side of the bed) and warming her legs.

Week 31: 28.7. - 3.8.

This week it was Frank's birthday. He turned 9 years old! Congratulations! We celebrated the day with tuna, and, as usual, Mini and Maxi rushed in to drink the liquid from the tuna tin (it was poured onto a plate first) while Frank sat elsewhere happily eating the tuna.

You can't actually notice that Frank is 9-year-old, and old cats still learn new tricks. Frank has started sleeping in the chair on his back with this tummy hair all fluffy, just like Maxi has done all the time. It's good to see that Maxi was able to teach Frank something instead of just learning all Frank's bad habits.

Week 32: 4.8. - 10.8.



With love, Mini, Maxi, and Frank